Sunday, April 1, 2012

Visits from Haley

My younger sister Haley came to visit for spring break.  We spent two days in Washington DC visiting some of the Smithsonian Museums and spent an afternoon with Brian's sister in Georgetown.  Brian's sister was kind enough to let us spend the night at her house.  Brian had to travel to New York for work, so Haley spent the better part of two days relaxing and adventuring before she had to head back to Utah.  I am so grateful that Haley was able to come and visit.  It was nice to have some one on one time and I am glad that we were able to catch up and bond.  She is truly such an amazing sister and a great example to me.  I can't wait to see her again soon. 
So glad to have Haley to visit.  (We were touring the Air and Space Museum)

Another random picture.

Lunar Lander

Brian and his rockets.  I think he could have been in there all day.  Alas, we had a visitor, and we're excited to spend time with Haley.

Little S visiting Georgetown with Aunt Taylor.  All the swanky shoppers couldn't get enough of his cute outfit.  His mom picked it up at the thrift store for $2.

Driving the car. 

Martin Luther King Memorial -  Sadly, Haley missed most of the cherry blossoms by a week or two, 

The Washington Monument is great for only one thing... Pictures. 

The weather was perfect.

Haley doing some ballet. 

New York City Trip

For our first anniversary we decided to take a trip to NYC.  We rented a cute and quaint one bedroom apartment from airbnb.  The apartment was in a great building in the Upper East Side.  However, I didn't realize how taxing 5 flights of stairs would be after a long day of NYC walking.  We arrived late on a Thursday afternoon with a busy schedule planned for the rest of the evening.  We walked 20 blocks (with luggage) to get keys to our apartment, then took a taxi to our apartment, and then walked another 25 blocks to make it in time for the "Late Show" taping.  We made it with 3 minutes to spare.  After the "Late Show", we relaxed by watching "Wicked".  Wicked was great and the music was fantastic.  Overall, the trip was amazing and I was grateful to spend our 1 year anniversary with my wonderful husband.
We went to the David Letterman show.  Kristen Wiig was hilarious. 
The whole purpose of the trip summed up in 3 hours.  WICKED.  Very talented cast.  Brian was singing most of the songs for the remainder of the trip.  (I take that back, he never stopped singing them).  I fell asleep for a little bit, but for those who know me, that happens no matter what.  
Pie Face.  Recommended by Brian's favorite blog.
Trying to interpret the NYC subway system map.
View from the top of The Empire State Building.  The World Trade Center is the tallest building in the middle.  The Statue of Liberty is in the far distance.
Trying to recreate the scene from "Sleepless in Seattle".  We were late by four days (February 18th)
Waiting for the subway,  (We met some very interesting people down there)
The mirrors at the top of the Empire State Building are really fantastic for photographs.  We are still trying to perfect the art, but I recommend everyone take some shots here before you leave. 
Of course I had to get a pregnancy shot.  :)   22 Weeks.
Empire State Building in the distance.

Serendipity 3 - Not quite what I expected.  The food was great but really expensive and the interior was really dingy.  (Not how they portray it in the movies). 
Crepes from Serendipity

Our neighborhood.

Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park.  (Wish we would have been able to spend more time in the park.)

People/Animal watching in Central Park.  These two dogs were pretty spectacular and I think their owners had spent a small fortune on "their babies".

World Trade Center - Ground Zero. 

Metropolitan Museum of Art - A little overwhelming.  Probably could have spent a month in there and still not see every room. 

30 Rock - Brian was very disappointed that he didn't see Liz Lemon and Tracy Jordan.

Since we didn't have a tour guide, we basically went to every store that had a long line.  "Shake Shack" was no exception.  Milkshakes were pretty tasty.