Thursday, November 1, 2012

Washington is for... Recap

We moved to Washington! We are loving it so far. Brian got a new job and is having a great time with it! I am thinking about going back to work in  couple months in labor and delivery and am looking forward to that! We have been here almost a month and it has been great. Luke is 4 months now and LOVES to talk and laugh. I love watching him discover his voice! He is also starting to scoot around!! How is he growing so fast?!

The infamous gum wall

Beautiful produce

I love him in warm hats!

He turneed 4 months old on this day!

We love taking walks behind our neighborhood! We have the most beautiful trail back there!

Love's his mittens!

Huge leaves in Washington!

Coordination with fingers, he also just found his toes!!

Loves Grandma Miller

and Grandpa Miller

Lounging with his foot up :)

Halloween attire: BOO sweatshirt and bat socks

My right eye does the same thing when I'm tired!

Facetime with cousin Naomi

Snuggling with Daddy

Pike's Market at night

Our little moosey moose! (he laughed so hard at us saying that to him)

Love this picture!

Lastly, I got a much needed haircut!

I apologize for the picture overload and repeats from facebook. I like the idea of having documentation of all this on our blog! Happy Holidays everyone!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Lukers is getting so big and smart! He loves to talk, he is so responsive and loves to discuss the day! :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Birth Day

This is my nurse! I delivered at the hospital where I work!! :)

I arrived at the hospital for at 7:30 pm, 3 cm dilated. Pitocin started and  it was not bad at all. I was laughing, talking normally and in no pain. Around 10:45pm, the nurse checked me again with very little progress (3-4 cm dilated). My Doctor came and broke my water, COPIOUS amounts of fluid drained from my shrinking belly, baby boy was coming soon!!! Within 5 minutes my contractions got very intense, I have never felt that much pain!! I could not hold still and requested an epidural at 12:00 am. It took around 35 minutes before my anesthesiologist came because I had requested him specifically.  He agreed to come in on his night off just for me. He came in, and after about 5 minutes, the epidural was in and working!  Baby Luke's heart rate dropped when I was put back on the monitors and I was then dilated to 7 cm. at 12:40 am.  The nurse advised me to rotate from side to side to see if Luke's heart rate would come back up.   At around 12:45 am, I was checked again due to his low heart rate.   I had progressed to 9 cm!! My doctor was paged to come quick to deliver baby Luke.  His heart rate started to come back up when I laid on my left side and around 12:50 am, I felt the urge to bear down and push him out! Luckily I had the epidural and was relaxed enough not to push until my doctor came. At 1:00 am I started to push, and at 1:17 am our sweet angel was born into this world!
Luke Thomas Miller
7 pounds 6 ounces 20 inches long
The sweetest, most precious baby boy!

We are so in love with this boy!

He is the most beautiful baby. He sleeps so soundly and he is such a good little eater. :) We are so grateful to have had a wonderful labor and delivery experience and to be blessed with such an amazing child. He brings such a beautiful spirit to our home.  We are blessed. 

Baby Boy's

Happy first 4th of July baby Luke!!

Brian trying out the moby wrap!

First outing out  to the Atlantic Ocean :)

Aunt, Uncle, and cousins make a visit!

O held his foot the whole time :) :) so sweet!!

Once in my tummy! 2 weeks old in this photo!

Loves munching on his fingers!

Most precious little angel!

He smiles all the time :) Happy boy!

Grandma Krissy makes a visit!

So happy to have my mom here!!

Daddy and Luke love taking naps together!

First shopping outing! Baby Luke did so well :) 

Luke listens to Grandma so intently :)

So sweet!

Outing to Historic Yorktown. 
First family photo. 

 Baby Luke is such a good baby, we are so blessed to have him in our lives! 

I loved watching my mom and baby boy together!

Sleeping with Grandma

Big boy!

So grateful for Luke's sweet spirit, my heart is overwhelmed with love for this baby boy.