Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Visiting Family in CA

I got to visit my sister Mckenna at her school to pass out golden spoon frozen yogurt for her birthday! She was the cutest to watch and was the most popular in her class for bringing vanilla/ chocolate with sprinkles!! :)

She was a little embarrassed in the beginning! 

Afterwards, her teacher raved of how great of a student Mckenna was and how she got 100% on her recent spelling test! I am a very proud sister!!

Opening presents :) Boots from Grandma Sorensen! She knew ahead of time because the label wasn't wrapped on the bottom so of course she researched the label online ahead of time. Smart girl, computer savvy! After she opened it she yelled "I knew it!!" hahaha

I love that she read my happy birthday note word for word with great concentration. She is the sweetest girl full of selflessness and love!

We got her a glow in the dark soccer ball!!

Livi all wrapped up!

Livi sang the loudest!!

Making a good wish!!

Tiny girl is so flexible!!

Time for beddy bye! Love Pap's :)

Olivia was a beautiful unicorn! Maren did such an awesome job making their costumes!

Mckenna was Medusa!! Scary snakes on her head! haha 

First picture: Olivia: "Kenna you gotta pose with me!"

Mckenna: "Okay Olivia." 

Olivia loved the parade!!

Loved the costume parade!!

We met up with Casi and Ayla in Irvine and had so much fun riding on this  helium filled jack o' lantern!!

Ayla is the sweetest baby, I could not get enough of her!!

We loved spending the day with Casi and Ayla, we missed Pedro!

It was so far up!

May stomach had major butterflies but we had so much fun! We miss everyone already so much! We love Virginia but... nothing is better then family!! Love you all!


  1. Those halloween costumes are AMAZING!! Your sisters are beautiful.

  2. So fun! Visiting family is totally the best, looks like you guys had a good time!

  3. Careful...babies are contagious! Love your blog Taylor!