Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Hometown's

Hurricane Irene was kind to us, we thought it would be much worse but, it turned out to be a windy rainstorm. We had power the entire time! While B and I spent all day together indoors, we realized our favorite games to play together (there aren't too many that are fun for a party of 2) Monopoly Deal & Scrabble! We watched Disney Classics, read books we found at the library, and played games all day! Loved it!

 Our historical hometown. This is the Yorktown Victory Monument. It was authorized by Continental Congress in 1781, just after the news of surrender reached Philadelphia.

The sun was killer, gorgeous day with a light breeze.

 We found the coolest tree, thats me sitting on the lowest branch!

 Best climbing tree! 

 We loved the historic homes; most of them had a small stand with the story behind the home and the date it was built. We absolutely loved walking down those streets.

 Prepping the cannon!

 This was the coolest tree, the way it formed to the wall like that.

 Down at the Yorktown Beach. This was a perfect little area to read a book on the bench, jog on the trails around downtown, or play in the sand & ocean. Pretty cool to have this so close, we are so grateful for our new hometown!

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