Wednesday, August 17, 2011

One Bedroom Apartments

The much anticipated first apartment post... we love our home, it is a work in progress!


  1. ahh, can't wait to come and visit! such a cute place! is that the bowl you bought, or a different one? it's cute!

  2. agreed, what a cute place! love the lamp from the pir! cd

  3. Oh its so very cute! I love your dresser mirror set up, adorable! You guys look like you're doing so well! Miss ya!!

  4. That is the bowl we got in Georgetown, so cute!
    We will never forget the wonderful trip to the Price is Right with this lamp :)
    Thank you Amber! We miss you too!

  5. Such a cute apt but I wouldn't expect anything less coming from you! You will have to help me decorate my place someday! Since I know you are dying to have your social life sucked out of you and put your head back in the books, I will suggest another major for you to excel in again-interior design! haa Love you and hope to visit you and your cute place someday!

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