Monday, February 6, 2012

20 week ultrasounds!! :)

Baby Miller inherited the Miller lips!! :) So precious!

The sweetest little face! I cry every time I look at it!

No doubt about it, he's a boy!

Strong kicking legs! This baby is extremely active :) He would not hold still during the ultrasound. Everything went very well! Baby is measuring in the 68th percentile for 20 weeks :) My uterus however is at the height of 22 weeks so that may be why I am showing so early! This baby has plenty of room to somersault :) We are so blessed and grateful for a healthy precious baby! June won't come soon enough!!


  1. woohoo! He is all boy! Love the ultrasound photos! I wish I had 3D ones! Maybe for our next ones :)

  2. Is it fare that you are so DANG CUTE! Oh my gosh TAY TAY! It seems like yesterday we were at the park, eating ice cream and you were almost in high school! Now you are having a baby! I'm just so stink'n happy for you! Love you girl! oxoo

  3. Goodness me you cute thing! Congratulations! We are so happy for you and Brian. I hope you weren't too sick and that you are doing well! So excited for you!

    Much love, Kasey and Amber

  4. Wow. Those pictures are so clear. He does look like Brian. I can see the facial structure that looks the same.
    So happy for you both.
    Thanks for posting these amazing photos of our soon to be grandson!! Tell him that his grandparents love him very much.

  5. ahh, so adorable! can't wait to meet my new nephew! you are such a cute mama!

  6. Wow! What great pictures!!! He looks so cute and happy and snug. And you look just as gorgeous as ever! Can't wait to see you be a cute little mama! :)