Friday, March 2, 2012

Family Visit's

Brian and O

Say cheese!

making cookies

This boy loves his fruit!

Our end product, these were tasty!

Our trip to the Outer Banks! It was a beautiful day in North Carolina!

The Wright Brothers National Monument. This was the model of their airplane design!

We found the most beautiful shells on this beach, it was so fun!

The timeless sweethearts :)

What a great vacation! Thanks Tom and Shauna!


  1. Your belly looks so dang cute!!! LOVE!! :)

    1. oh, you look so darling. Thanks for the update. Keep em coming!

  2. The beach looks beautiful! Looks like you two are having a fun time together. You look beautiful Taylor! Can't wait to see this baby :)

  3. My sister LOVES Outer Banks! We always go as a family to Rosemary, Florida(which you need to go sometime!!) to the beach, but sometime we want to go to Outer Banks. You're looking good! Can't wait to see your little guy! Miss you guys!