Monday, September 12, 2011


Brian looking sharp in his work attire, he is so handsome!

I am volunteering everyday in the NICU until I actually find a job as an RN. I am in heaven helping out with the tiniest babies. Everyone has been so kind to me there, I have been extremely blessed!


  1. I'm sure someone will snag you up so fast, you won't be without work for long. You'd be great. Do you think of Kenna when you're in the NICU? I'll bet there's no one as small as Kenna was.

  2. oh tay you are so cute in your scrubs and I love your braid!!

  3. look at you tay!! I am so happy for you and sure in no time you will have a job. That is such a good experience for you!

  4. Thank Heidi, I hope I find one soon! I think of Kenna a lot when i'm in the NICU. There are babies in there that have similar conditions as Mckenna; It is pretty amazing to see what we can do for them when they are so tiny and fragile. This would be my dream job but, i'm willing to start anywhere!

    Thanks for the compliment Chels! I just taught myself how to french braid my own hair! It was quite an accomplishment for me!

    Thanks Linds! I wish we could work together someday... wouldn't that be awesome if our group of friends ended up in the same city and worked on the same unit together, if it were up to me, that's how I would want it! :)