Sunday, September 18, 2011

Excellent Theme Park's

B's work reserved King Dominion Amusement Park this past weekend and lowered their price for the tickets, this is an offer we could not refuse! We still have yet to explore Busch Garden's, it is just down the road from where we live! This place is known for it's thrilling roller coaster's and it did not disappoint!

This is THE DOMINATOR behind us, it has the second largest loop in the world (this was our 3rd favorite,  Volcano being our second). This is a better picture of the coaster!

This was our ultimate favorite! Holy Cow, this ride is called THE INTIMIDATOR and it definitely lived up to it's name. Everyone at the the park was telling us that we would black out if we sat in the front... they failed to mention that if we sat in the back row we would still blackout!! It was always at the same part, things would get fuzzy for us and turn black for about 5 seconds, which is pretty long for a ride! We went 3 times in a row and needed to take a break after blacking out so much! The line was pretty short; we think it was because everyone was afraid of it, a valid emotion for this ride!

1st time: we rode in the front, we were in a daring mood!
My thought process while on the coaster: O my gosh! My stomach is going to explode!!
B's thought process while on the coaster: I hope we don't hit a bird, we will for sure die!

2nd time: Back Row; not as scary but still got us good!

3rd time: Strike a pose!

We decided to ride our second favorite for our last ride. We got to sit down for a bit because the ride had technical difficulties; we quite enjoyed it!
What a fun memory we shared!


  1. I love roller coasters! Tim and I actually just went to cedar point in Ohio, and I too blacked out for a bit... such a weird feeling. Glad you had a good time!

  2. Love the roller coaster pictures! Looks like so much fun!! That drop looks scary!!