Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall Festival's

B and I have heard nothing but how wonderful the fall festvals are around here; we were lucky enough to be invited to one this morning! It was so much fun; tons of crafts and unique decorations to look at (I wish I had brought my camera),  rope makers, a black smith making nails, and tons of food vendors. This will definitely not be the last one we go to!
They had so many fun earrings, I got the bat and the pumpkin to be festive for Halloween!

Brian finally got a haircut!! We had a friend from our ward do it and she did a great job!!   We also bought a used G35 Infiniti this past week! We will post pictures soon, it is under Brian's construction.. he is pretty amazing with fixing things; born to be an engineer!

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  1. Gotta love those engineers! Scott has fixed up about a million things in our house and has done it like a professional. You should buy hair clippers and learn how to cut Brian's hair! It's super easy. Love your blog!