Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Old Thing's

B and I decided we wanted a coffee table and found a great deal on one off of Craigslist. The plan was to just check the table out but we liked the woman so much that we purchased it! It didn't fit in our car, and we didn't have enough money on hand. The lady offered to drive it to our house and accepted the cash we had with us (it was quite a bit less then what she was asking for). She was so kind and said she was "paying it forward". As you can tell it didn't match too well so, we decided to paint it and make it look vintage.

B is working hard on sanding... we did everything indoors!
This was my favorite part! We painted with a primer and then coated it with the paint we chose at Lowes all day Saturday.
We picked these knobs out at Anthropologie. Love it!
The finished product!

We are so proud of our accomplishment... best date we've had EVER! (except the night we got engaged of course... at the John Mayer Concert!)


  1. how fun!! seriously the coolest project to do with your hubby :) and it looks so good in your living room!

  2. OH it looks so good and of course cute! That is such a fun project and so sweet of that lady. Way to go you two! As a side note, I love your couch.

  3. That looks awesome! Way to go!